Saturday, February 26, 2005

Kool-Aid adventures...

I just put the pictures of my Kool-Aid adventures on the blog.My second batches did not come out like I had hoped.

1. Red yarn= 8 packs of Tropical Punch the base of this yarn was pale pinkish

2. Yellow yarn= 8 packs of Lemonade the base of this yarn was pale yellow

3. Green yarn= 8 packs of Raspberry Reaction the base of the yarn was yellow. I f I had been using my head I would have remembered that yellow and blue make green. I was hoping for a bright vivid blue.

4. Chocolate yarn= 8 packs of grape the base of this yarn was gold. I was hoping for a purple color. It is a very pretty brown that I will use for something.

The thrummed mittens are a present for my sister Kathy. I love the black with the red thrums. They look like small red hearts.

More Koolaid/

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Dyeing away...

My fingers are stained purple, red and yellow....Why you ask? I have been taken over by the Kool-Aid dyeing bug. After visiting Norma's blog and seeing all of her lovely yarn makeovers. Also, Maureen over at "Batty for Yarn" has been using her vacation wisely. She made a list of things she wanted to accomplish this week. Let me say that has been one busy lady. I thought I would jump in and try some long awaited dying. I have had a bunch of old Bartlett yarn that was given to me about six months ago. The colors are the very pale heather shades. Several of them are a gold tone, that I don't care for. So, last night I started with some Tropical Punch on one batch and then a batch of Lemonade. They came out great. I have pictures ...But, alas the camera has decided not to cooperate tonight. Currently , there is a batch of grape on the stove. Then I am going to try to get a bright blue. The Tropical Punch I dyed right over the gold yarn. I'll try to get the pictures up tomorrow. Have to fly, the buzzer just went off for the grape batch.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Into the frog pond.....

Well....My Stashbuster Spiral sock went into the frog pond. I ripppppped the whole thing out. I had gone about three inches past the Sherman Heel. I just didn't like the looks of the heel. As I inspected it closer , I had two small holes in the side of the heel. It was bugging the heck out of me. I am not a convert to the short row heel. This was my third pair of socks with that type of heel. I am going to give the Priscilla's "Dream Socks" a try. If you have a subscription to Interweave Knits, you can enter your code and print off this pattern. It is a short row heel...But, I am willing to give it one more try. I am finishing the decreases on the matching thrummed mitten. I love to knit mittens. I had heard about this Mitten Along group on Yahoo. I think it will be fun to see what mittens people are working on. I joined the group last night. Check it out if you are a mitten freak too.Off to blog...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Mittens and socks...

I just posted a picture of my thrummed mitten. I love the little red hearts against the black Lamb's Pride. I just started the thrums on the second mitten. In sock news....I am pleased to announce the sock did not beat me. I had fiddled around with the toe of the "Stashbuster Spiral Sock" , the other evening. After several frustrated attempts, I put the sock down. I picked it back up Friday evening. This time the pattern made perfect sense. I guess it had much to do with my mood on the first attempt. I do not have a huge supply of sock yarn. This was the best color combination I could get together. It is a fun pattern to knit. I have just finished the gussets. Next up is the Sherman Heel. I have done this heel a few times before on a different sock. I love the way the jogless jog works up. I would like to try this technique on some hats too. I guess that's it for now...My mitten is calling me. Oh, I forgot to mention that my Secret Pal loved her first gift. I am putting something else together for her. Wish I could share it with you...But, it's a secret.

Thrummed Mitten\

Stashbuster Spiral Sock/

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Raining Cats and Dogs...

It is raining cats and dogs out there..... I just got home from work and ready to curl up and knit. Two of my favorite shows are on tonight, "Lost" and "West Wing". I fiddled around three times with the new sock from the Six Sox KAL. I have done toe up socks several times before. For some reason I was not understanding the toe part. It tells you to repeat and that was were the confusion started. So....I got very frustrated and put them down for now. Instead, Norma had made a pair of Spicy Oatmeal thrummed mittens. She even had some of her own handspun in the cuff. The colors are gorgeous. I was thrumming along before Christmas and had made three pairs of mittens. I remembered I had more roving tucked away in my tote. I dug out some left over Lamb's Pride Onyx and some super soft red roving. I forgot how much I love the thrums. This red is very slippery and different from the others I have used. But, they look like little red hearts against the black mittens. I will post some pics later in the week. I am off knit and roll some thrums....Happy Knitting everyone.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Sock tips...

Thanks everyone for leaving some of your favorite toe decreases. It is interesting to see all the different types. I just finished a pair of socks last night. Of course, I forgot to take a picture while photographing the hats. The little white hat is Surprise chapeau from Minnowknits. I used some leftover baby yarn I had in my stash. But, I think it is just adorable. I am going to look for some type of fancy chenille to use on the stripes. The other little earflap hat is made with one skein of Regia 6. I just think this hat is darling. I would like to have made I-cord ties for it. They called for making two inch long braids. There was just enough yarn to make the chain ties. I am putting these hats away to use on my "Hat and Mitten "charity tree next Christmas. I received a beautiful letter from the homeless shelter. They were thrilled to receive so much. I hope to make next year even more of a success. I started one of these Window pane mittens. I was using some Red Heart that was in my stash. I am up to the thumb, but I am going to rip it out. I just hate the stiffness of Red Heart. These mittens are quite cute. The second yarn in the window pane is Bernat "Boucle". I think they will make a warm mitten. I need to see what else is in the stash for a substitution. I am enjoying my Secret Pal. It has been fun looking around for ideas for her. Well....I am off to read some blogs and see what everyone is knitting. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Visit to Charlotte's Web...

It is a gorgeous 53 degrees here today. My husband is home sick with a bad cold. He went back to bed this morning...I jumped in the shower and headed of to Exeter. There is a fantastic yarn store called "Charlotte's Web". It is about 45 minutes away and well worth the trip. She has about twenty binders stuffed full with patterns. I picked up a few things for my Secret Pal. Sorry, I can't show a picture in case she is snooping about. I spent two hours going around and around drooling here and there. I found this cute little earflap child's hat made with Regia. The pattern was free with purchase of the yarn. I want to make some children hats for charity. I picked up a cuddly soft ball of "Sirdar Fairisle", a plain white "Legend". I also came across this neat color in Plymouth "Encore". I have some odd balls of Encore in my stash. They will make great multi colored hats. I might cast on on later this afternoon. My socks are progressing nicely. I have a few more inches before the toe decreases. Speaking of toes.... What are some of your favorite toe styles? I think I would like to try some different types. On the health front....I had a call from my doctor the day after my mammogram. I needed to reschedule for some more films. I am not going to get all freaky about it. This has happened to me several times. They have been watching one breast for several years now. I have an appointment after on the 15th. I just need to stick it in the back of my mind till then. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Long day.....

Today was one of those days that seem to never end. I started out bright and early with a mammogram. They took the usual four shots. I sat in the waiting room to make sure they were okay. Lo and behold none of the picture exposed properly. Back in I went for another four squishes. It must have been a man that developed that glorious machine. I was very busy at the shop today. My feet are going to thank me in a few minutes when I put them up. I just posted a picture a cable hat I made for the neighbor boy. He had outgrown the one I made two years ago. It is a old Green Mountain Spinnery pattern called "Ivy's Cable Hat". If you ever come across it, scoop it up. It makes a beautiful hat. The navy blue doesn't show the cables well...But that is what the little fellow ordered. I have also been working on another pair of socks. That is about all that is new with me. Off to put my feet up and watch "The West Wing".

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