Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yeah "Lucy"!!!

As you can see by the photos..... This "Lucy" was a success. She is still wet and hanging in the shower. I just has to show a photo. After my last fiasco with the unknown superwash wool. I used my scraps of Lamb's Pride for the striping. What a great way to use up those little balls of yarn. This bag is a present for someone in my family. I would like to make a solid one and try the "Galway". That is the yarn the pattern calls for. I am still working on the Truly Tasha Shawl.Just a short post tonight as I have to run.

unfelted Lucy/

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Truly Tasha Shawl....

Spring has finally sprung in New Hampshire. The last week has been beautiful. I have my flower gardens all raked and ready. Those pesky black flies will be here shortly. They are relenting little buggers. I have been working on the Truly Tasha Shawl. It will be a Christmas present for my wonderful mother in law. I made her a lacy one a few years ago. She has worn it to bits. I think this will be a warmer shawl for her. It is a rather boring knit so far. But, it has a very pretty knit on edging. I think that will really dress it up. I will post pictures of my progress later. I also am working on another "Lucy" bag. This time I am using up all my scraps of Lamb's Pride. It is going to be nice and colorful. A couple of months ago .....I bought Hats On! from Ebay. It is a wonderful book with some gorgeous patterns. Mary Beth over at My Knitting Life had been talking about it on her blog. I grabbed my copy and started looking through it again. I think one of these hats will be my next project. You know how I am.... I can only have two projects going at once. So, I must finish something first. I wanted to thank you all for the birthday wishes last week. They were much appreciated.Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Birthday and knitting....

The other day I received the color swatch sample from Blackwater Abbey. Can you see how vivid the colors are? What an amazing sample ...You really get a good idea of the feel of the yarn. I can see an order in my future. I have to say Marilyn has been more than helpful in answering my emails. I had emailed her a few questions about a pattern. The customer service is incredible. That can be a rare thing these days. So, I like to acknowledge it when I can. I posted a picture of the little "Night on the Town" bag from Fiber Trends. It is going to be a Christmas present for one of my sisters. She loves my felted bags. I had seen this bonnet over at Jewel's blog, A Stitch in Time. I thought it was adorable. The pattern is called "Valerie and Friend" from Fiber Trends. Can you tell I am a huge fan of Fiber Trends patterns? I made mine out of a Brown Sheep "Cotton Fleece". The color is Victorian Rose. I like this yarn. You do have to watch that it doesn't split. But, the finished hat is very soft and comfortable. Well....Tomorrow I turn 46 years old. Where does the time go? I am going to have lunch with my sisters and Mom. That should be a nice afternoon. I think I will head to Spinning Yarns too. I will be right around the corner from the yarn shop. I have been back to a low carb lifestyle for three weeks now. I had lost thirty five pounds last year. I have had 15 of it creep back on since November. I also checked a few exercise tapes from the library. I feel so out of shape right now. I have tried one of the tapes for the last three days. I lasted about twenty minutes. I figure any exercise is better than none. I just ordered a walking video over Ebay today. It sounds like a good low impact workout. Wish me luck... I am off to curl up with a good book right now. Happy Knitting everyone.

Blackwater Abbey/

Valerie and Friend/

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Felting lesson......

I just posted a few pictures below. The first is the Lucy Bag prefelted. I will get back to that one in a minute. The second one is Night on the Town from Fiber Trends. The third is the unblocked Shapely Shawlette. Now....Back to the "Lucy Bag". I have been working on this bag since last weekend. I had bought two skeins of black Dale of Norway "Falk" quite awhile ago. It was intended for some mittens. I had picked up a skein of pink Dale of Norway 'Heilo" a few weeks ago. So, I thought it would be cute to add some stripes and make the whole top in the hot pink. I ended up being short on the hot pink. So yesterday I ran over to Spinning Yarns in Dover. They did not have the pink, so I grabbed a skein of black "Heilo". I did some frogging last night , then finished the other handle in black. Now, I realize you need to felt with 100% wool. I just finished felting the bags about a half hour ago. The Lucy bag is a felting disaster. The "Heilo" has felted beautifully. The Dale of Norway "Falk" is unfelted. I ran out to grab the ball band for the yarn. In teeny, tiny print under 100% wool is machine washable. DUH!!!!!!! I have it drying now. But, I know it is going to be pretty useless at this point. The bag cost $24.00 to make. I so hate to waste money! On a happier note....The night on the Town bag is adorable. I will post a picture when it is dry. I made that bag with Lambs pride. It is definitely one of my favorite yarns to felt with. Not sure what I am going to cast on the needles next. I also finished another hat for the homeless shelter. I am putting these away for next winter. On April 4th , I celebrated my third year of quitting smoking. I can't believe it has been three years. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I quit cold turkey. I want to share a wonderful site, that helped me tremendously. It is called Quitnet. It has a wonderful support system and free to use. If you are thinking about quitting, check the site out. My husband is gearing up to quit. I am hoping this will be the year. Moving right along... I have been loving this cardigan , Marilyn from Blackwater Abbey. I even love the color they are showing. I am going to give this project some thought. I think I will browse through my patterns and pick something to put on the needles. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

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