Friday, May 26, 2006

I am still here and have not floated away...... I am sure most of you were aware of the flooding New Hampshire last week. Our lake was the highest it has ever been. We stayed warm and dry. We had damage to our dock and beach/ land. But, we were very lucky our home was up as high as it is. We were stranded for two days from the road washing out in two places. This happens frequently, never to the extent this time. There was quite a lot of damage in the surrounding towns . We feel very fortunate. In knitting news.... I am still on a felting frenzy. I made a "Lucy" bag and a
Retro Bag". This is stuff I had sitting in my stash. I also used up some "Burly Spun" I had won at the Patternworks tent sale last year. I made two hats from the skein. I will put them away for the Hat/Mitten tree this year. I did finish up the "Simply Lovely Lace Socks". I will post a picture later. The came out wonderful and it is a great simple pattern. I have not been knitting for a few days. I have a friend who is a rug hooker. She had made twelve stair treads for her steps in her farmhouse. They are a log cabin design. I am helping her with the finish bind off . Basically it is just an overcast stitch with two strands of wool. It is a time consuming step. It has taken me two days to complete one of the treads. They are really gorgeous. I will have to take a picture to show you. We have company coming for the weekend. They are coming up from Pennsylvania and will be here in the wee hours. I guess it is going to be a gorgeous weekend. We are due for some beautiful weather. Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the weekend. I'll close for now and Happy Knitting everyone!

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

NH Sheep and Wool

Back from my great adventure to the NH Sheep and Wool. Boy....Did it pour. The term "raining cats and dogs" was very appropriate. I wore my sneakers and wished I had a pair of duck boots. The were huge puddles in front of some barns. I am sure I missed a few of the exhibitors. I had a great time despite the weather. I took a couple of pictures. I did not end up connecting with any bloggers. The were a few faces I thought I recognized. I should have walked up and said hello. I was hoping to get to meet Sandy or Cheryl . There was a blogger picnic somewhere on the fairgrounds. I never did find that either. The fibers were beautiful. I did break my Yarn fast and used my free day for the month of May. I bought a beautiful skein of "Bearfoot" and Trekking XXL in a purple colorway. I came upon some natural brushed Mohair that I scooped up to dye. I picked up a new Country Classic dye in the shade "Deep Purple". I also picked up the Yummy Mittens pattern. I almost forget...I did meet a blogger. It was Rose, she was working at the Spirit Trail booth where I bought my pattern. She was very nice and had been in Maryland the week before. In other news.....It is still raining here. My road is washed out in two spots. I think Bruce will have to take me to work in the truck tomorrow. The lake is the highest it has ever been. The water is right to my deck. My husband just lassoed the deck as it was floating down. The lake. I will post some pictures later. Off to check on the situation.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

NH Sheep and Wool....

I am off to the NH Sheep and Wool tomorrow. I have been trying to decide all week. The forecast has looked so bleak. What the heck is a little rain to us "diehard" Knitters. I have never attended the festival. I am hoping that some of the booths are inside. I have fresh batteries in the camera and a map from Mapquest. What else does a girl need? Well..... A little money would be nice, huh? I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures. Speaking of pictures. I got a great picture of my Billy the Baltimore Oriole and Rufus the hummingbird. They have been fighting over the feeder all week. I am off to gather some stuff for tomorrow. I think I need to find my umbrella :)

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