Thursday, August 12, 2004

poncho and yarn search

I am winding down on the smaller poncho for Lacey. The body is all finished and about half of the hood. I think I will make the fringe variegated. I want to use up most of the leftover yarn. I am going to make the girls mittens to match these ponchos too. I have been searching for Mandarin Petit locally. Neither of the yarn shops carry it. This is the yarn for Knitty's Variation on a frill . I want to make this for myself. It will be the first time I use beads in a project. I am going to order the yarn in black and not sure of the color of the beads. Speaking of ponchos..... Check out the gorgeous poncho that Cheryl made her daughter. I love the bright color mixed with the novelty yarns. Also on the poncho front, Jen has generously shared her free pattern. Check it out! Guess that is it for now folks.