Saturday, February 18, 2006

The lights are on!!!

The lights are on and I am home!!!!! We have been without power for 27 hours. We had terrible high winds yesterday and lost the power around noon time Friday. We have a "Kerasun" which can keep the house warm and toasty. We live in a very secluded area...My place is two miles in the woods on a small lake. When the wind blows we lose our power. But, it usually for six or seven hours. I had all the candles going last night while my husband was at work. I knew I could not work on my socks with those tiny stitches and dark yarn. So..........I lit a couple of extra tapers and dug out some bright cotton yarn. I managed to produce one dishcloth last evening. My sisters always ask for these for Christmas. I guess I am getting an early start on them. I finished half of another today. First thing I did when the power came on was take a long hot shower. I don't know when a shower felt that good. Truth be known... I love when we lose the power. I enjoy the quiet and the glow of the candles. I have a gas stove so one can always make a cup of tea. I just put a "beer can chicken" in the oven. It is one of those ones that is already seasoned. Yummy!!!!! Even if the power goes back out we will have a nice supper. I have a couple of projects on my mind right now. I am thinking of knitting Trellis scarf from the New Interweave Knits. My other idea is "Market Squares bag" from Bags: a Knitters Dozen. This was also published in a issue of Knitters 2001. I would need to buy some more Lamb's Pride for the bag. It can be very hard to find in my area. So far...The scarf is leading the list. I posted a picture of some socks I am working on. I usually knit them on two circulars. I felt like using my Dp's this time around. The yarn is wonderful . I am crazy about the flecks of color going through. The yarn is called Froehlich Wolle. I had bought this at Charlotte's Web in Exeter last year. It also comes with some extra wool to re-enforce the toes and heels. If you get a chance to try some, I think you will be pleased. Also.... I wanted to thanks Yvonne from New York. She was my swap partner for the "Unloved Sock Yarn Swap". I received some lovely Regia yarn. I think it will make a great pair of socks for my niece Hailey. Thank you Yvonne! I am off to check on that chicken....Yummy!!