Friday, July 16, 2004


I spent the morning frogging the mini poncho for Lacey. It was just TOO big for her tiny body. Let me tell you that Patons Divine yarn is very difficult to rip out. I had to be careful because it kept snagging on itself. But, I only lost a few yards of it. Soooooooo......I have cast on the Girls poncho from the pattern I picked up yesterday. I have about 8 inches done so far. The yarn is very soft and fluffy. She will love this. I feel a poncho obsession coming on. I also looking for a very lacey poncho pattern to make for Adrienne. I have not seen anything that strikes me so far. I received some nice comments on my shawl. I just love it when people leave comments...So feel free. Off to work on the poncho. Happy Knitting everyone!!!