Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Look what came to visit

If you look at the pictures below...You will see I have a new pet. Saturday afternoon, I arrived home to find her clucking up the path. I thought I was seeing things. My husband came in off the lake and asked "Well, what do you think of our new found friend?" I have no idea where she came from as we live in the boonies on a private 2 mile road. I threw some birdseed on the ground and she ended up staying the night under the deck. Sunday, We woke up and there she was coming up from the lake "clucking" away. She was still her this morning. So...Today I bought some feed at the feed store for her. We call her Apricot (the cats name is Peaches and my dog's name was Brandy). I did call the police station to see if anyone called in a missing chicken. After the dispatcher chuckled a bit. She said there were no missing Henny Pennys for the day. I think we are going to build a little coop and keep her. SO.....What do you guys know about chickens. I will take any and all advice.