Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spinning and shawl..

I have been having a bit of success with my drop spindle. On my third attempt I have produced something that looks more like yarn. I am using the pinkish fiber from the beginning kit.It seems easier to spin than the other. I have been reading about spinning on the Internet. There are some wonderful sites out there. I am trying to locate a Spinning Guild in my area. So far...I have been coming up with links that are very old. I think many of the Guilds have disbanded.I know some day I want a spinning wheel. I can feel a whole new addiction coming on. I have been eyeballing these gorgeous Bosworth spindles. They seem to have a great reputation. If anyone out there has one, please let me know how you like it? I posted a few pictures of the Trellis Shawl. The pictures are not very flattering. It really is a beautiful shawl and has a nice drape. I will try to get someone to model it for a picture. Obviously , you have figured out...I hate to have my picture taken. I joined Weight Watcher a few weeks ago. I have been using the flex point part of the program. This morning was my meeting. I lost four pounds for a total of 9.2 pounds. I was very excited because I had worked hard at writing everything down that I ate for the week. I have quite a bit to lose. I set a goal for 25 pounds as my first goal. I am taking it one day at a time. It is amazing how psychological the whole weight issue is. I feel so much thinner already just eating healthier. I have planned out my weekend so I can stay on program. My stepchildren are driving up from Pennsylvania. Today has been the sixth straight day of rain. I am so hoping it clears for the weekend. They always like to go to Hampton Beach. I think I will do a little Sun Dance around the living room tonight. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend, whatever your plans.