Sunday, July 18, 2004

Ultra groovy poncho

I just finished uploading the picture of the Ultra Groovy Poncho. It is from the Patons kids, "Twister Sisters". The pattern called for The Twister yarn. But, I used Patons Divine. I think it came adorable and Lacey is just going to love it. In other news....I deleted my Tagboard yesterday. I realized that when people visit the blog they are getting pop ups. I have a pop up blocker, so I did not realize this. I know I find the pop ups very annoying. Although it was fun to have a place for people to leave a message other than the comment section. So , what do you think people?Are pop ups annoying? In more knitting news.... I appear to be obsessed by ponchos. I drove over to the Yarn basket in Portsmouth yesterday. They had four or five poncho designs. A few of them were in books. I was looking for a style that could be considered more of a coat than an accessory. I bought the new Family Circle Easy knitting magazine. It has three or four ponchos. I also purchased this poncho . Scroll down to the children's poncho #243.I am enlarging this because I need it to fit a teenager. I have about 8 inches worked up so far.