Monday, October 11, 2004

I Love Fall

I posted some pics below from our drive and outing on the Mount Washington. What a gorgeous day it was yesterday. One of the pictures is from on our drive through Strafford. The last picture is taken on my beach. It is a shot of right across the lake from me. I told my husband that some of the prettiest foliage is right in our own back yard. Also, is a picture of the finished thrummed mittens. I am very pleased with the way they worked up. I am now going to work on my Kitty Pi bed. It is coming along nicely. I am using all scrap stuff out of my stash. I filled all the birdfeeders today. Peaches is having a ball looking out the window at the birds. She keeps hiding behind the curtain , so they can't see her. I forgot to mention I recieved a lovely cup of tea from Anne enclosed with a note. Thanks Anne...I will think of you on a chilly night while drinking the tea. Enjoy the pictures everyone.