Thursday, October 07, 2004

Raok surprises and Kitty Pi bed

I am SPOILED rotten.... Both yesterday and today I received a RAOK. In yesterday's mail I received a lovely RAOK from Lynne .You can see it in the picture below. She sent me a bottle of Eucalan, a little Victorian calendar and a handmade handkerchief. She also made a wonderful card. Talk about creative people. The handkerchief is really special. It reminds me of of one my grandmother always carried. She passed away when I was a teenager.It brought back many happy memories when I held it. Thanks again Lynne.
My other fantastic RAOK came Lizzi from . It was a cute little bag filled with Lavender scents. There is a powder,body lotion, shower gel and soap.Lavender and lilac are two of my favorite scents. She also sent me a HUGE cone of laceweight yarn. The picture doesn't do the color justice. It is a very pretty shade of green. There is a ton of yardage on the cone. I will have enough to make any of the shawls in the Best of Knitter's book. Lizzi also went out of her way to search for this yarn for me. Thanks again Lizzi.
I am still working on the thrummed mittens. But, I also cast on a Kitty Pi bed.
It is the pattern from Wendy Knits. I am making it for Peaches. Just a little concerned that it is going to be too small for her. She is 15 pounds of pure love. If anyone has made this for a larger cat....I would love some advice. I am trying to figure how to enlarge the pattern and keep the same shape. Yes, you are right...I am lousy in math. That is okay , I have many other strong points. Well, time for Survivor and "thrummed mittens".