Sunday, November 07, 2004

Are you tired of seeing mittens yet?

Here is yet another pair of mittens for my "Mitten Tree". This pair of mittens is from Weekend Knitting. They are a bulky pair made with two strands of worsted weight yarn. It is a nice pattern and great way to use up odds and end skeins. My wrists have been throbbing for the last two days. I think it is all the knitting with double pointed needles. I tend to hold tighter on the needles. I have been thinking of investing in 2 size four and 2 size six circulars. That way I can get away from the double points. I am going to rest my wrists a few more days. I can't afford to have my wrist act up when I cut hair for a living. It is a hairdressers worst fear. I bought Mostly Mittens on Ebay last night. It is a great book with some very interesting techniques. I had checked it out of the library the other week. Maybe after the holidays, I can play around with some of the patterns. I had also checked out "Weekend Knitting" from the library. Most of the books at my library are out of date. The selection leaves something to be desired. I am waiting for an interlibrary loan for the book "Magnificent Mittens". I would like to look through it before I purchase a copy. I guess that is all the news for now. Wish me luck with my wrists.