Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hats and mittens

Still working on my mittens and hats for the Mitten Tree. The blue set is the Coronet hat from Knitty. What a great pattern that is. I love the look of the cable wrapping around the band. The other pair of mitten is made with some old Bartlett yarn I had been given. I have quite a bit of this Bartlett. I am hoping to have some success with felting some swatches. I just received my new Interweave Knits. There are several projects I like from this issue. The "Nordic mittens" are great, as well as the "Retro-Rib Socks". I also think the "Pine Cone" Scarf is very nice. It is definitely my favorite knitting magazine out there. I have been working on a second "Butterfly Throw". They are Christmas presents so I hate to post a picture of them till later. For the second one I am using some Homespun and leftover Patons "Divine". It is a nice combination and very soft. I am not a fan of Homespun from Lionbrand. But, it seems fine knitting on size 17 needles. Last, but not least. Miss Peaches is very happy with her new bed. I have it on a table near the window. She curls up and watches the birds at the feeders. I imagine it is very warm and toasty.