Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sick kitty....

The knitting has been slim to none these days. It has been so darn hot the last few weeks. I am plugging away on the edging for the "Pinwheel Baby Blanket". It is going to be quite pretty when finished. The last week and a half has revolved around my cat "Peaches". She had not eaten or taken water for six days. Last Thursday, she had a vet appointment. They told me that her colon was impacted with stool. She spent several days at the vets and too many enemas to count. I had her home over the weekend and she did not pass any stool. She went back to the vets for a few more days. She finally passed a bit. So, she has been diagnosed with "Megacolon". I have been reading up on this condition. Basically the colon is enlarged and not working properly. We have several medications that I have to give her three times a day. All the medication is giving orally with an eye dropper. I am sure you can imagine what fun this has been. I did get to take her home last night. She goes back to the vets tomorrow afternoon for another check. I am praying she passes some stool before then. My life for now...Revolves around "poop". Is that a bad thing? She had been on a reducing diet since October. She weighed in at 16 pounds then. When she had her check in March she weighed 13.3 pounds. The other day she was down to 9 and a half pounds. They were very worried to say the least. I wonder if the food has something to do with her condition. Off course, they suggest surgery on her colon at some point. I will get several opinions before I decide to go that route.
tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. I am off to blueberry pick with my nieces. I want to make a few batches of blueberry jam. It is a favorite in my family. I also bought a few round zucchini today. I have never seen the round shape zucchini. I am going to stuff these later. I have still been going to my Weight Watcher meetings. I just hit 25.8 pounds today. Now, I need to focus on the next five pound increment. It has been averaging out to a 2 pound loss a week. I am thrilled with that!!! Also, I don't know if anyone watched the "Into the West" series ? It has been running on TNT for six weeks now. I was taping it and watching when we had a chance. My husband and I really enjoyed the series. I just went to the library and borrowed "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee". I read this book when I was about fifteen or so. I really wanted to read it again after watching this series. I guess that is all the news from "Irishknits". Happy Knitting everyone.