Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I finished my Kitty Pi bed last week. I think Peaches might think it is hers. She immediately started kneading while I was taking the picture. I am going to wait to felt it. I need to find something good size and round to stretch it over after it has been felted. What do you think of the little Cupcake hat ? I think it is just adorable. I am trying to find some bugle beads to stitch on the top for sprinkles. I am going to use this for a tree topper for my Hat/Mitten tree at the shop next Christmas. It try to have an unusual hat as a topper every year. I plan on making a few more of these. They were so much fun to knit. I am using some of my sock leftovers to make baby socks. It is such a great way to use up those little balls. Speaking of socks.... I had used a "star toe" decrease on my last pair of socks. I had a copy of "Knitting on the Road" from the library. I wrote the decrease on a piece of paper. When I went to finish the second sock, I could not find the paper anywhere. I have a huge black hole those little notes seem to fall into. Of course, the library's copy was going to be out for three weeks. Julie was kind enough to try and help me. Do you think I could remember which sock the decrease came from. So.....When did this happen? I used to have the greatest memory. Now, I need to have a little memo board and pen around my neck at all times. Anyway.... I ripped out the toes and continued on with my old standby decrease. My birthday was last Saturday. I turned 47. The number means nothing to me. But, I sure wish I could find that memory again. I had a wonderful day. We spent most of it on the lake then had a nice dinner. I am going to get a new birdbath with my birthday money. I love Wild Birds Unlimited . We have a store over in Dover. I am going to go over on my day off and see what they have in stock. They have on style that is a deck mount. I might check that one out. Well, I'll close for now....American Idol is starting and I have to cheer on "Taylor".