Saturday, October 14, 2006

I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the lake. The foliage is fading fast here.... The rain from the other evening has really stripped the leaves. I just love this time of year. My arm is coming along nicely. I am still in therapy three times a week. There may be a possible tear in the rotator cuff... I will talk to the doctor about that in a couple of weeks. They started me with some strengthening excersises this week. There is an issue with my wrist. They have me seeing an OT this week. I am not able to bend it. I can knit two or three rows a day. I guess that is better than nothing :(
I have started a cuff on a mitten. I will post picture early in the week. I have had this pattern "Candide Aran Cap and Mittens" for about 15 years. I think it is out of print now. I paid seventy-five cents for this pattern. After all these years , I am finally going to make them. They are a two needle mitten pattern. I much prefer four needles. In other news.... I finally signed up for
Bloglines . I love it!!! It is so nice to know when people's blogs update. Check it out if you have not signed up. Okay.... I am off to knit a row or two on my mitten.