Thursday, December 14, 2006

I managed to whip up a couple of small sets for my "Hat and Mitten" Tree. The pink and white set is for age one to two. Those little mittens are the "Stop and Go Mittens" from Knit Mittens! . I'll tell you...those are some very tiny thumbs. I think they are adorable. The second set is for two to four year olds. The hat is a great little pattern that I just discovered on Trek's blog. It is called the "Spiral Kiddie cap". It is a free pattern on her sidebar. What a great little pattern....I love the way it spirals.My Mom made about twenty pairs of mittens for the tree. She works on them throughout the year. I am going to take a picture of the tree next week ,which I will share with you. My other knitting, has been this cute little bracelet purse. I made this for my sister Kathy. She just loves purses. It was a free pattern from my local yarn store. It is made with a ribbon type yarn called "Showstopper". I am not sure who the company is and I lost the ball band. I decided to make a lining for it. I sewed the lining in by hand. We exchanged out gifts yesterday. She fell in love with the bag and can't wait to use it. Don't you just love to knit for someone who appreciates all your efforts? Now on to a technical question. For those of you who use Blogger. What do you use to upload your pictures to your blog? I have been using "Hello" for two years. They now have disabled their use of Internet Explorer to upload. I signed up for Picasa.....but, you can only upload one photo per post. At least that is the way I understand it. Right now I am using the blogger button to post pictures. I do not find it very user friendly. I would appreciate hearing any and all ideas. Guess, I will close for now. I want to head over to Knitting Chatters and catch up with Robbyn and the gang. Have a great weekend everyone!