Friday, January 21, 2005

Peaches and clogs..

I just had to share a couple of pictures of Peaches with you. Bruce had downloaded a screensaver from It is a fishing site where he orders bait. It is the funniest screensaver ,with bass swimming around chasing bait. The other night we were watching a movie....She jumped up on the computer desk and started batting at the screensaver. She is totally mesmerized by the thing. She has brought much joy to our life. We lost our dog almost two years ago. I had brought Peaches home from the shelter about six months before Brandy died. She has certainly helped us along these last two years. I just finished a pair of Felted Clogs for Bruce. They are gigantic.... I am going to felt them tomorrow. I used the Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1 from Elann. I am hoping that it felts as well as the hat . I still did not find a size 13 24 inch Addi Turbo needle. I made do with a 29 inch and a 16 inch. When in doubt "Improvise".... I want to finish my socks before I cast anything else on the needles. I have this thing about too many projects going at one time. I am always amazed when reading blogs. Some people have five or six things going at once. I would be totally overwhelmed. I have been trying to decide about dropping out of the "RAOK" ring. There are over 200 members and I can't seem to get around to read all the blogs. I fooled around with bloglines . I was not having any luck getting it to work. I always seem to stumble around when adding things to my blog. I have been learning as I go. It is -2 degrees as I finish up this post. Is Spring just around the corner? Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the comments about my mittens. I am going to block them this weekend. Wish me luck.