Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We just arrived home late last night. We had traveled to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania for the holiday week. We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends. We arrived back home before the ice storm. I always get so nervous traveling this time of year.Our trip down was a long and treacherous one. I started and completed a "Coronet" hat for Lacey. I even knitted for five hours in the dark. Am I good or am I good? I visited "The Yarn Basket" while I was in town. I was in there for two solid hours.... I was so overwhelmed I could not make a decision. I ended up being practical. I bought three skeins of Lamb's Pride , a couple of skeins of Cascade 220. The Cascade 220 is for a felted hat for my sister for her birthday. I actually am almost finished with it. I bought the Night on the town pattern. These bags are just adorable. I made two of them while on my trip. There were so many yarns to chose from, many things I have only seen on the internet. It is amazing how some yarn looks totally different in person. I have two felted hats that have been drying while I have been away. I will post some pictures later in the week. Hope everyone had safe and happy holidays.