Saturday, February 26, 2005

Kool-Aid adventures...

I just put the pictures of my Kool-Aid adventures on the blog.My second batches did not come out like I had hoped.

1. Red yarn= 8 packs of Tropical Punch the base of this yarn was pale pinkish

2. Yellow yarn= 8 packs of Lemonade the base of this yarn was pale yellow

3. Green yarn= 8 packs of Raspberry Reaction the base of the yarn was yellow. I f I had been using my head I would have remembered that yellow and blue make green. I was hoping for a bright vivid blue.

4. Chocolate yarn= 8 packs of grape the base of this yarn was gold. I was hoping for a purple color. It is a very pretty brown that I will use for something.

The thrummed mittens are a present for my sister Kathy. I love the black with the red thrums. They look like small red hearts.