Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pink Chibi mania and Shapely Shawlette

Can you believe the "Pink Chibi" mania that has taken over the knitting world? I am sure by now most have you have seen this and this .I can't imagine spending $51.00 on a $4.00 sewing needle. When I was showing my husband the auction. He grabbed my old pink Chibi out of my knitting bag. He said, "This baby is going on Ebay tonight". Don't worry friends...I have since hid my pink Chibi in a safe place. I have posted some progress photos of the Shapely Shawlette . I love working with Mountain Colors "Bearfoot". I think it is one of my favorite yarns. This little shawl is a fun knit. There is one spot in the pattern you have to keep an eye on. It is a repeat pattern ending in a yarnover. If you don't remember the yarnover, your in deep trouble. If anyone has the "Flared Smoke Ring pattern? Could you tell me what size needle it calls for. I want to order from Knitpicks soon. I want to make sure I have the right size needle for the project. We have had some nice weather the last five days. A bit of snow is on the way tonight. At least it won't last this time of year. The lake is starting to thaw around the edges. Woohoo!!!!!! Last year we were on the lake for my birthday on April 15th. Ok....There were ice chunks all around the boat and I was singing the theme from "Titantic". But.....We were on the lake.