Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I stopped by the shop today to collect the hats and mittens from our tree. I am so pleased with the amount of stuff we collected. I had another bag that I did not put on the tree. That bag had about twenty pairs of mittens and fifteen hats. I just love having this tree every year. This is the fourth year of collecting. There are some wonderful crocheted scarves that someone dropped off too. I had another lady ...who is not a customer of the salon drop of a bag of mittens. Forgive the way the photos are posting. I am still using the blogger photo button. I need to check out Flicker after the holidays. I dropped all the donations off at the homeless shelter this evening. I think I was telling you that they have thirteen little ones ages one to four. They were very grateful for all the donations.
We are leaving for Pennsylvania on Saturday and will be gone for two weeks. We both are looking forward to seeing the kids and spending time with family. All of my family lives here in New Hampshire. I have been celebrating all week with them. They always have us for all the holidays the rest of the year. They are good about us not being here for Christmas. I am looking forward to checking out my favorite yarn store in Chambersburg, The Yarn Basket. If we have time... I would like to check out
The Mannings . I have heard this is a wonderful store. If I think of it I will take pictures. I want to take a minute and wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. I am very grateful for all of my old and new blog friends. You have all enriched my knitting life in many ways. Blogging has been a fantastic experience. Again.... Happy holidays friends.