Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter fellow Knitters! Here are a few pictures of what we woke up to last Thursday. We were without power on and off for two days. I have a pole by the side of the house that snapped at the base. You can see how low my lines are hanging. I have no idea when they will get out to fix that problem. I know they are still very busy restoring power to other areas. I hope it does not get too windy. It makes me nervous having the lines hanging like that. The pole is only being held up by a small tree. We will give Public Service a few more days and then call them. So, Where is Spring? The lake keeps thawing and refreezing depending upon the day. There is talk of another storm this week. I am heading to my older sister for Easter dinner this afternoon. My whole family will be there. We always have an Easter egg hunt for my nieces. It will be a chilly one...But, they will have a ball. We are celebrating my sister and niece's birthdays too. April is a busy birthday month for us. My birthday is next Sunday. There has been knitting going on at Irishknits. My batteries are charging for the camera. I will post pictures another time. I have been working on preemie hats and hats for the homeless shelter. The Yarn Focus Challenge will be winding up next week. I have not bought yarn in nearly three months. It feels great to be using up what I have in my stash. I need to finish getting my Secret Pals gift together. That needs to be in the mail later in the week. I'll close for now... I have carrots to glaze and a salad to make. Have a wonderful day!