Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A worthy cause

I know I promised picture of "Gettysburg". But, that will wait for another post. My mother in law gave me a bunch of "Fun Fur" scraps before I left Pennsylvania. I am not fond of the yarn. I figured I would work it into some charity mittens. While I was surfing some blogs on Sunday I came across a touching post. Kate was asking people to knit "Fun Fur Chemo Caps" for Children's Hospital Boston. What a wonderful cause. If you have a chance read her post from a few days ago. I used a pattern from the Headhuggers site. I think I used five different scraps on this hat. I have another one started with all kind of crazy colors. It was a fun cap to knit, especially knowing a child would be wearing it. Also, I had a package waiting for me when I came back from vacation. The lovely Maureen over at Batty for Yarn sent me mittens for my Mitten Tree. I believe she used the Gifted Mittens from Kate Gilbert. I may have to make a few pairs of these too. Thanks Maureen. She is always such an inspiration. She knits beautiful items for CIC. I started back to work today. It was really strange after being out of work for four months. I overbooked myself yesterday. My shoulder certainly paid for it last evening. I am going to try to lighten my schedule for awhile. I have physical therapy in the morning followed by a doctor's appointment. We will see what they have to say. I'll close for now....I have a date with some Fun Fur.