Wednesday, February 28, 2007


There has been slipper knitting going on at IrishKnits. After wearing huge holes in my last pair of Fuzzy Feet, I decided it was time for some new slippers. I made another pair of Fuzzy Feet. I let them go too many cycles. They came out big enough for a child. The plus side ....the neighbor boy has new slippers. Then I decided to make Mama Bear's "Tropical Punch" slippers. It is a great pattern using two strands of worsted weight yarn. These came out too big. The plus side.... Mom has new slippers. So, I decided to make another pair of Fuzzy Feet using up my grey scraps of Galway. I closely watched these during the felting and they fit fine. So, finally I have some warm and toasty feet. I think I could knit the Fuzzy Feet pattern in my sleep. I have made about fifteen pairs of these since Knitty published the pattern. I just cast a cable hat on the needle. I have not bought yarn since starting the "Yarn Focus Challenge. It is nice to be using up some of my stash. I am off to catch up on some blogs. I love to see what everyone is working on for projects.