Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dyeing Adventures....

As you can see from all my pictures..... I had a ball playing with dye this weekend. The results were wonderful. If you remember around Christmas I was using Kool-Aid to dye some yarn. This yarn is dyed with Country Classics for wool. I used the stove top method and the Mason canning jars method. I definitely learned a few things along the way. If you look at the last picture I posted. You can see the light heathery base of the Yarn I was using. It is some Bartlett yarn that is about ten years old. Those colors were all the rage ten years ago. I wanted to list the base of yarn and colors used. This way you can get a sense of the results.

Photo #1 Pale red base dyed with Raspberry

Photo #2 Pale yellow base dyed with Cornflower Blue

Photo #3 Pale red base dyed with Cherry ( I love this one!)

Photo #4 Pale lavender base dyed with Raspberry

Photo #5 Pale gold base(very UGLY!!!) dyed with Evergreen (this looks much better then the gold)

I have a batch of Cherry over the pale gold base, on the stove right now. I am hoping for a pumpkin orange color. I really love these dyes. The colors are very vivid. The skeins I am dyeing are 4 ounce skeins. So.....This is what I learned. For the blue and green batches I used the large Mason canning jars. The jar was really too full between the yarn and the water. I ended up with uneven results because I could not stir the yarn around properly. On Sunday morning I decided to dye each skein again using the stove top method. They both came out with beautiful even results. I think the jar method would work well with two or three ounce skeins. I would like to try dyeing a couple of colors on the skeins. I have even been dreaming of dyeing yarn in my sleep. Did I hear someone say I am compulsive? Also, If you want to see a gorgeous lace scarf? Hop on over to
Robbyn's blog. She designed a beautiful "Seaweed and Shells" scarf. She is even kind enough to share the pattern with us. Quick update on my Peaches.... She is healing more every day. Her belly is shaved and her gorgeous long tail is chopped up. But, all that will fill in eventually. She thanks everyone for thinking of her during her recovery. She sends many purrs to all of you.