Monday, May 14, 2007

A new family!

This morning while making my coffee, I glanced at the beach. I have a new family that seemed to appear over night. You really can't tell from the photo...But, there are five goslings. I'll try to get some better photos next time. Last year we had two families living on the lake. It is always wonderful to watch them grow. Speaking of families.... Mr. and Mrs.Rose-Breasted Grosbeak arrived at the feeders this weekend. Mrs. Grosbeak is extremely pregnant. She looks like she is due any day. My hummingbirds have also arrived. Although ,I wonder where they go on these chilly evenings. I just love this time of year! I am not even going to complain about the blackflies. The little buggers will be gone in a few weeks. Keeping with the family theme. I came across a wonderful project on Tracy's blog. It is called Rebuilding Greensburg- Block by Block . Laura lives two hours from Greensburg. She is asking for pretty easy squares in any color or yarn. Please visit her blog for the specifics. I watched the coverage on the news channels after this happened. It was unimaginable to see the devastation. The people that were interviewed had such gratitude for being alive. Even though they lost everything, they still had so much hope. I just think this is an incredible way to help. I'll close for now. Have a good week!