Friday, June 01, 2007

Busy times

I am long overdue with updating my blog. Things have been very busy for us. Bruce and I are in the middle of putting a new modular on our land. We are replacing a mobile home. Things have been moving at a snails pace for many months. I had a feeling everything would happen at once. We closed on the mortgage last week. We ordered the house on the same day that we closed. It is a Mapleleaf home. They are made in Canada.They have a wonderful reputation. We also have to put in a new septic system. We are hoping they will get going on that project in the next few weeks. Then we will have the foundation poured. We are putting in a full basement with a walkout towards the lake. It is a scary yet exciting time. I have not had a mortgage for 15 years. I will post some pictures as we go along. On the knitting front.... I have been working on charity mittens and hats. The hat pattern is from Charmed Knits House Hat. It is a nice hat and a great way to use up leftovers for stripes. I plan on making a few more of these. I also started a shawl from Victorian Lace Today. It is called the Melon Shawl. I will blog more about that next post. I have read a few books. I am a sucker for a scary story. I just finished Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. It was a good read. After the book was released, it came out that he is Stephen King's son. I just picked up a copy of The Historian . I have read great review for this book. I used to read every night before bed. I have gotten out of that habit the last few years. My bookcase is loaded with book . Hopefully I will read some of them over the summer. I do love to read when we are out in the boat. Well.... have a great weekend everyone. I think we are in for showers. Maybe they will be wrong. Happy Knitting everyone.