Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Labor of love

Let's talk about Doilies! I love doilies. They always remind me of my grandmother. I have crocheted a few small ones in my time. I got a bee in my bonnet about making some doilies for our new home. I purchased this book "Fresh Knit Doilies" from Leisure Arts. I started this doily the other month. I got about fifteen rows into the project and decided to put it down. I kept missing a stitch and was very frustrated. The other week I decided to pick it up again. I have been painstakingly working row by row. The pattern is not too hard. It is just the darn yarn overs. The middle section has so many yo's, ssk's and slip stitches. All it takes is one darn stitch and your all messed. up. I finally decided to break the pattern up with some stitch markers. Finally I decided to count the stitches every row. This has made life a whole lot easier. Last week... I almost ripped the whole thing out. I then thought about all the hours I have put into this project. I have been persevering and now am closing in on the end. I have about ten rows left. I have to admit I hate to give up on a project. I am so glad I did not frog this one. It is going to be a gorgeous doily. I showed it to my customer yesterday. She was amazed I would put this much time into a doily. What can I say...I love a challenge. She told me she would frame it and use it for a piece of artwork. That is a good idea. But, I am sure I will display it somewhere in the house. If you asked me a week ago, "Would you knit another doily?" I would have told you " No *&%$ way!!". But, now I find my eye wandering to other doilies. Here is a site with some beautiful doilies Knitted Doilies. Anyone want to join me in the madness? :)