Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Missing blogger returns!

Life has been busy here. I have not updated or read my blogs in too long. I have no idea what is going on in Blogland. Bruce and I were on vacation for a week. We stayed around here and did a few day trips with the boat. We had quite a few house appointments that week. The last day of our vacation, we ran into a big glitch with the house. We had the surveyors out here. They were staking out the house. Then the foundation would be dug the following day. Well...... the surveyors have made an error. The house would not work in the area they staked. We had planned to live in our mobile home while the modular was being built. One of the stakes for the house place it inside the mobile. This meant we would have to move the mobile to finish the project. Finally the surveyor was out here today. He says they made an error in our land survey. They are going to have to redo the project. Meanwhile... the house is on the way from Canada. We are trying to stay calm, cool and collected. It looks like we may have to apply for a variance form the town. This is not an easy thing. They can not hear our case till August 15Th. Things will be clearer in a few days as to whether that will happen. In knitting news..... I finished and blocked my doily. I still need to pick up some starch to stiffen it up a bit. I am so pleased with it. I may end up framing it in a antique frame. I even started a new doily. I am sure that is hard to believe after all my sputtering about the last one. I have started Egeblad . It is such a gorgeous doily. I work on dish clothes when we go off in the boat. I think I have about ten or eleven finished. They are such a nice portable project. I'll be tucking them away for Christmas. I have been working on preemie hats too. I'll show some pictures of those next time. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The gardens seem to be coming in slow around here. I am hoping to pick some blueberries this weekend. We have a great place to pick in the next town. I am hoping to catch up on some of my blog reading this weekend. I can't wait to see what everyone is working on. Happy Knitting!