Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby knitting fever!

Hello dear bloggers! I am still alive and well. The summer has been so hectic . I am sure you can all relate. The house project has been moving at a snails pace. I think in my last post....I explained that the surveyors had made a huge mistake. We had to halt construction four about four or five weeks. I am just thankful that we found out before the house was up. We have a frost wall and footings. We are waiting on the foundation walls. We had everyone lined up and the land mistake threw it all off schedule. We were supposed to have our foundation poured on July 5Th. All of our contractors had to move on to other jobs. Now, they are trying to fit us in between everyone else. Our modular arrived about three weeks ago. It sits in two pieces on a lot. Bruce and I go and visit it every weekend. We just peek in the windows and sigh. We are both trying to be patient. I have been out of touch with everyones blog. I look forward to seeing what everyone is working on. As you can see from this picture heavy post. I have been knitting. My youngest stepdaughter is having a baby in January. I have been working away on baby items. I have made several wash clothes and thumbless mitts. I have a nice baby blanket finished too. The little booties are the infamous Saartje's booties . They are just adorable and a fun pattern. I wish I knew the sex of the baby. I have sock yarn scraps that would make cute booties for girls. I really enjoyed knitting Bunny Blanket Buddy . This was made with Velvetspun from Lion Brand. I would like to make a few of these and put them away for gifts. What a great cuddly blankie for a child. I have an adorable hooded baby sweater I just finished too. I need to find the perfect buttons and then I will take a picture. So, even though I have been among the needles have been clicking. My nieces started school yesterday. Where did the summer go. I guess we say this every year. I always like to make spaghetti sauce at the end of the summer. I have a few local farm stands I like to frequent. Everyone is short on tomatoes this year. I guess the weather must have affected the crop. I did read in the paper that we are going to have a banner year for apples. I look forward to going with my family in a few weeks. My husband loves apple crisp, he will be in his glory. Hope you all enjoy these last days of summer.