Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year everyone! A new year and a new home. This is why my poor blog has been neglected. We moved in our new house just before Christmas.The second picture is the end that faces the lake. The view is just wonderful. I have to say it was worth all the headaches of the last year. We still do not have an occupancy permit. But, that is another story. I lived with my sister and her family for several weeks, while my husband and Miss Peaches lived in a tiny camping trailer. We all survived to tell the story . My computer also died during this time. We are the proud owners of a new computer too. We have had so much snow so far this winter. I think at last count it was 29 inches. I can not remember a winter like this in many years. That's okay....I will take snow over ice any day. I still have managed to knit during the craziness. My "Hat and Mitten" tree was quite sucessful this year. Of course, I did not get pictures because the camera was tucked away.I collected about seventy items to bring to the local shelter. I have already started knitting mittens for next year. I also made some knitted ornaments. I made stockings, hats and mini mittens for the tree. They were quite a bit of fun. I just finished a hat called "Le Slouch". I received some gorgeous handspun yarn for Christmas. I will be sure to get a picture of it. It was a great pattern. It actually does not look bad on me. I am not a hat person at all. Right now I am knitting baby things. Our first grandchild is going to be born on Thursday. We are heading to Pennsylvania in a few days. My step-daughter is having a C section on Thursday. I guess the baby is already over ten pounds. I have a bag full of knitted items for him. I made five wash clothes, a baby blanket, blanket buddy toy, gorgeous cabled hooded sweater and many hats and socks. Baby items are one of my favorite things to knit. While we are in Pennsylvania....I want to make sure to hit my favorite yarn store "The Yarn Basket". I even have a few gift certificates to use. They have a great selection of baby patterns. Well.... I know this is more that has happened, but that is all that comes to mind. I look forward to getting caught up on every one's blogs.