Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mitten Mania

Mitten Mania has struck again.... Most of you know how I love a good mitten. Let me tell you how much I LOVE the oatmeal mitten The pattern is called Very Cabley Mittens. I made these with a skein of Lamb's Pride in the colorway Oatmeal. They are so warm and cuddly. I am claiming these mittens for myself. I thought for sure I would run out of yarn. I had a very small ball left. I loved this pattern. I am sure there will be a few more pairs in my future. The felted mittens are the infamous pattern from Fiber Trends. I think it is called Snow Country mittens. I have made many pairs of these mittens. This pair was requsted by my sister. The yarn is gorgeous. I just wish I could remember the name. I bought it while away in Pennsylvania. She walks her dog every morning. She says her hands have never been warmer. The other picture is a pair of mittens I made for charity with a small earflap hat. I have belonged to ravelry for quite awhile now. I have just started playing around with it . Here is a link to my page Irish . I have been working on cataloging my stash. What a great feature. I am forever scrambling through the bins to see what I have. I am not going to catalog my acrylic stash. I can lose alot of time wandering around Ravelry. I learn something new every time I visit. I love being able to type in a pattern and see all the variation. It is quite an amazing site. I tend to spend time in the mitten section. There are some incredible projects.
So....anyone else ready for Spring? We have been hammered in New England this winter. As much as I hate mud sounds very good right about now. Remind me of that if I start complaining. Happy Knitting everyone!