Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mitten Love and hats....

Here is a mitten update for all my fellow Warm Hands KAL. I finished my mittens from the "Magnificent Mittens " book. I loved knitting these mittens. They are knit from the top down and it makes great sense. I plan on making some more mittens from this book. I need to aggressively block these mittens to make them a bit larger. I am thinking I want to make some cable mittens next. I have a pattern from "Moosely Mitts" called "Waterfall". I need to work on a couple of things for Christmas too. I finished my hats to send off to Anne's. She is collecting for people who suffered loss in the tornado in Indiana. The Aran watch hat is a pattern from Charlene Schurch's Hats On! Book. What a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys knitting hats. There are so many styles to choose from. The men's hat is a pattern from the Lion Brand site. It is a basic watch cap for men. I want to make a few of these for my mitten and hat tree at work. I set the tree up last week. I have about 15 pairs on there so far. I put all my mittens on there to start the tree. I am hoping it will be a huge success. I will take pictures as it goes along. I completely forgot to take any pictures last year. My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. I swear they sneak up faster every year. I played some "Attack Uno" with my nieces in the afternoon. They were funny.... The eight year old could not stop laughing and giggling every time the cards shot out of the holder. The eleven year old was all business and concentrated on winning. Fun was had by all. I am cooking my turkey bones off today to freeze for a soup. I am making a Shepherds Pie for supper tonight. Take about a comfort food..... It is one of our favorites this time of year. Off to hit the kitchen and start cooking. Oh, I almost forgot.... I had a bear come through last week. He came up on the deck and bent my birdfeeder pole system in half. For my birthday last year, Bruce bought me a pole system from "Wild Bird's Unlimited. It has many arms that come off it for several feeders. Luckily it was the main pole that was ruined, all the arms were still intact. I replaced the pole for $20.00. One of my feeders was completely destroyed along with a huge suet feeder. I have several feeders so the birds won't miss one. I imagine the big block of suet attracted the bear in the first place. I slept through the whole adventure. Bruce was at work at the time and he gets home at 1:00 a.m. I hope they will hibernate soon. I am taking in all the feeders at night for now. Now, I really need to get in the kitchen. Happy Knitting friends!

Aran watch hat

Men's Watch hat

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

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Mitten update

Hello everyone... I have been knitting up a storm . I am way behind in updating. I have finished my first mitten for the Warm Hands KAL . I am very happy with the mitten. I choose to use a double I-cord on the cuff. The pattern called for a single I-cord. I can't recommend this book enough. It makes sense to knit the mitten from the tip to cuff. You can try the mitten on as you go along. Once you conquer the technique, you will be off and running. The mitten has taken longer to knit then I expected. You really have to pay attention to the chart. I certaintly did not work on it while watching "Lost"(my favorite show). I love the looks of the invisible thumb. It is amazing how it blends right in to the mitten.Can you tell which mitten has the thumb? I hope to start the second mitten tonight.I have really enjoyed checking out all the blogs in the KAL. People are making some incredible mittens. I am working on Christmas presents too. I have a felted bag for my sister started. I am working on a small pair of socks for my niece. Plus..I am still working on mittens for my Mitten tree at work. I think we will set the tree up this work. I had a elderly customer bring in a hat and mittens the other day. She also had made a few pairs of boot socks. It always amazes me how generous people are. Speaking of people in need...Sandy posted about a knitting project for the people in Indiana struck by the tornado. She has a link to Anne's blog about this project. I am going to knit some hats or mittens for this project won't you join me? I have been wanting to find a copy of the Robin Hansen book "Flying geese and Partridge Feet". This book has been out of print for years. I purchased a copy on Ebay last week. I can't wait to add it to my mitten books. I have also been looking for "Homespun Handknits". There is a great "Window pane mitten" for adults in there. Well... It is a gorgeous day here today. I am off to fill my birdfeeders and enjoy the day. Have a great weekend everyone.