Monday, January 23, 2006

Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts about my shoulder problem. I know you of all people can understand not being able to knit. I was going absolutely bonkers! I did finally get a diagnosis on my shoulder. They called it Shoulder Impingement.The shoulder is basically 'frozen". I have lost quite a bit of my range of motion. I can not tie my work apron on and putting on my bra is a main event. I started physical therapy last Friday. I had my second session today. I have exercises to do at home four to five times a day. I am really confident that the therapy will work. So, wish me luck..... Now , for the good news. He said knitting has nothing to do with my condition. I was thrilled to hear that news. I started a little bit of knitting and am trying not to overdo. I have a basic Mistake Rib scarf started. I had bought some Cascade 220 while in Pennsylvania. This is going to be a present for my son in law. It is a great shade of grey which he will love. I have so many projects I want to work on. I keep seeing the "Jaywalker" socks around Blogland. I have some yarn that would be perfect for them. It is snowing here today. We have about six inches and still coming down. All my afternoon and evening people cancelled. So, I have the rest of the day off. What a strange winter it has been. Last week we had temperatures reaching high 50"s. Is it too soon to say I am ready for Spring? I'll close for now..... I am going to curl up with a cup of coffee and a book.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We had a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania. The time is always too short. We enjoyed every minute with family and friends. Of course I made a visit to my favorite yarn store The Yarn Basket. I will take pictures of all the goodies later in the weekend. They had Trekking sock yarn so I grabbed a couple of balls. I had stashed some money away just for a visit to this store. I think I spent two hours roaming around in there. If you are ever around Chambersburg, Pa. , make sure you stop by. Now for the bad news...... I have tendonitis in my arm/shoulder area. I have been suffering with it for about three months. Of course ,the fact I have been knitting like a banshee does not help. I thought I had injured it lifting some weights in my exercise. I think it was a combination of cutting hair , knitting and exercising. So, I have not knitted in a week. Talk about withdrawal! I quit smoking four years ago, knitting in the evening is what keeps my hands busy. I am not sure how long this will take to heal. The pain has been pretty intense and it keeps me awake at night. I have been reading in the evenings to fill in the void. If you look to the left of my blog.... You will see the wonderful button that Paula over at Basset Knitter has made for me. Thank you Paula, I just love it! Feel free to grab my button if you like. I also want to thank Lucette for her suggestions on the Lopi socks. I did finish them and the recipient was thrilled. Also, Wendy sent me a wonderful handmade Christmas card , some cute candles and a present for Miss Peaches. Thanks again Wendy. That is all for now folks. I wish you all a wonderful 2006.