Saturday, March 25, 2006


Guess What? I have had minimal pain for four whole days. I really think the shot is working. I am still continuing with my physical therapy. Dare I say there is an end in sight. So.......Does anyone else have Spring fever? I am just itching to get outside and play with my flowers. I noticed this morning , the goldfinches are really starting to turn color. I am going to dig out my Baltimore Oriole feeder tomorrow. I had so many of them last year. The last few morning I woke up to all the birds singing in the yard. What a glorious sound that is. The lake is slowly thawing. My husband can not wait to put the boat in the water. It won't be long now.
I am in the middle of a "clogfest". I am sure everyone knows the pattern, "Felted Clogs" by Fiber Trend. I love Fiber Trend pattern. They are always well written and never have errors. I am in the middle of my third pair of clogs. I am going to wait to felt them until summer. They take so long to dry in the house. These are Christmas presents for next year. I am using
Plymouth Galway. I had bought the yarn quite awhile ago for these clogs. If you have been reading my blog for awhile.... You know I am a huge fan of "Galway". I am also knitting a felted bag for my sister. I made her one last Christmas and she just loves it. This one is a bright fuschia color. I need to find some novelty yarn to trim the top. I am going to take a ride over to "Spinning Yarns" in Dover tomorrow. They also carry Malabrigo yarn. The last time I was in the store, I could not help touching it. It is the softest yarn and comes in gorgeous colors. I have resisted temptation so far. I am one of those people who only buys yarn with a project in mind. I am trying to stick to knitting from my stash for now. So.... If some Malabrigo shows it's face on my blog, you have permission to yell at me. I guess I will close for now. I almost forgot..... I could not resist a picture of my sunbathing beauty on the blog. She was so tuckered out from watching the birds all morning :)



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Friday, March 17, 2006


I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful supportive comments. Many of you dropped me an email describing your own experiences. It really validates how you feel knowing someone else has gone through the same thing. The good news.... I had the shot in my rotator cuff last Wednesday. By the weekend I was getting some relief from the pain. I really am feeling confident that this is going to work. I am continuing with physical therapy too.
So.... Look at my Miss Peaches getting some daddy loving. This is the same cat who we almost lost last August. She may not have a colon anymore but is loving life. Before the surgery she would not get in anyone's lap. Now, she is a lap cat beyond compare. I really believe she was sick from the time we took her home from the shelter.The surgery was the best thing we did for her. We sure do love our little gal. In knitting news... I just finished a hat to go with the mittens from a few weeks ago. I just love the grey and black pair of mittens. The pattern is from Homespun Handknits. I used my favorite child's mitten pattern and adapted the pattern to this pair. The pattern in the book was written for an adult size. Homespun Handknits is by Linda Ligon. It has been out for several years now. It is chock full of some wonderful patterns for mittens, hats and gloves. I would highly recommend this book if you can find a copy. I am working on another pair of mittens that I will post this weekend. I am hoping to get better about posting now that I am feeling better. Take care friends....

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