Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Can I whine?

Can I whine for a minute? I am so @#$%^&*@ tired of being in pain. This pain from my shoulder is really wearing me down. I have been awake since about 2:00 a.m. last night. I sat up in the recliner all night with the heating pad. My physical therapy is coming along. I am making progress with my range of motion. But, the pain is constant. The doctor had given me Tramadol for the pain. The first three times I had taken the medicine, it made me nauseous. The fourth time I started vomiting.... So I tossed it in the trash. I am going to call the doctor in the morning and set up a follow up. I guess we will talk about the injection in the shoulder. I am doing everything I can to avoid surgery. Besides the shoulder impingement, I have some spurs on the rotator cuff. There is a nerve that catches on these. The pain will about bring me too my knees. I know my work aggravates the shoulder. The blow drying is especially difficult. Ok....I feel better now~ my rant is finished.
On to some good news. I finally bought the new Robin Hansen book, "Favorite Mittens". This is a wonderful book with many updates. I have her two older books. This one has some clearer instructions. There are several children's versions of some of the favorites. If you love to knit mittens, this book is one to add to your collection. Speaking of mittens. I made a pair this weekend to put away for my Hat/ Mitten tree next year. I also finished one of the socks for my sister. I tried a different toe decrease this time. It is the "Star Toe". I have to say I am very pleased with the way it looks. It is nice and round and looks comfortable. I am going to have Mary try it on this weekend. She wears a size 10 and a half,incase your wondering why the sock looks so big. There are no tiny feet in our family. I have nothing on my needles. I can't quite believe it. I am going to cast on the second sock. I have mittens running around in my head right now. I was thinking of the "Trellis "scarf from the new Interweave Knits. I think that is one the back burner till I find some light pink laceweight. I want to make it for my stepdaughter and she loves pink. I need a new pair of Fuzzy Feet . I have worn a hole in the heel of my old ones. I love that pattern. I have made about fifteen pairs of these since the pattern was published. They are very warm and toasty. I have been looking through blogs at all the wonderful Knitting Olympics projects. There are some amazing things out there. I guess I will close for now. I am going to dive into the stash and see what jumps out at me. Happy Knitting!


Star Toe\

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The lights are on!!!

The lights are on and I am home!!!!! We have been without power for 27 hours. We had terrible high winds yesterday and lost the power around noon time Friday. We have a "Kerasun" which can keep the house warm and toasty. We live in a very secluded area...My place is two miles in the woods on a small lake. When the wind blows we lose our power. But, it usually for six or seven hours. I had all the candles going last night while my husband was at work. I knew I could not work on my socks with those tiny stitches and dark yarn. So..........I lit a couple of extra tapers and dug out some bright cotton yarn. I managed to produce one dishcloth last evening. My sisters always ask for these for Christmas. I guess I am getting an early start on them. I finished half of another today. First thing I did when the power came on was take a long hot shower. I don't know when a shower felt that good. Truth be known... I love when we lose the power. I enjoy the quiet and the glow of the candles. I have a gas stove so one can always make a cup of tea. I just put a "beer can chicken" in the oven. It is one of those ones that is already seasoned. Yummy!!!!! Even if the power goes back out we will have a nice supper. I have a couple of projects on my mind right now. I am thinking of knitting Trellis scarf from the New Interweave Knits. My other idea is "Market Squares bag" from Bags: a Knitters Dozen. This was also published in a issue of Knitters 2001. I would need to buy some more Lamb's Pride for the bag. It can be very hard to find in my area. So far...The scarf is leading the list. I posted a picture of some socks I am working on. I usually knit them on two circulars. I felt like using my Dp's this time around. The yarn is wonderful . I am crazy about the flecks of color going through. The yarn is called Froehlich Wolle. I had bought this at Charlotte's Web in Exeter last year. It also comes with some extra wool to re-enforce the toes and heels. If you get a chance to try some, I think you will be pleased. Also.... I wanted to thanks Yvonne from New York. She was my swap partner for the "Unloved Sock Yarn Swap". I received some lovely Regia yarn. I think it will make a great pair of socks for my niece Hailey. Thank you Yvonne! I am off to check on that chicken....Yummy!!

Unloved Sock Yarn/

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Coming along......

I know I have not posted in forever and a day. I am still alive and well and living in New Hampshire. The shoulder is coming along. I am going to physical therapy twice a week. I had been having a problem sleeping at night. I could not get comfortable in any position. I just could not take the constant pain. I finally called the doctor last Thursday and told them the Aleve was not touching the pain. They prescribed something called "Tramadol". I believe it is like a very strong Tylenol. It works...And that is all I care. I can get through the day, but at night I need the pain medicine. I am supposed to have a re- evaluation this Friday . I guess this will tell if I am getting my range of motion back. Enough of that never ending saga. On to happier news..... I have been knitting. I have a small Lucy bag in the works. It is a great mindless project. I will be sure to post a photo when it is felted and finished. I know a few people having babies this year. I dug out my old tried and true "Hooded baby sweater" pattern. This is the one that zips up the back. My pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. I can't tell you how many of these I have made through the years. They are always a great gift.The pattern is so old that is is hand typed . I also have a pair of socks on the needles. Speaking of socks...... I joined Unloved Sock Yarn Swap over at Beth's. What a great idea for a swap. I just put my package together for my swap partner. I really had a good time with this. I think she will enjoy the package. I guess that is all for now friends. Thanks again for all the supportive thoughts about my shoulder.

Hooded baby sweater/

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